Lightweight and cost effective alternative to copper ABS and heavy mildsteel piping.

Roladuct is a leading Australian manufacturer of high quality stainless steel spiral welded pipes for the use in water reticulation, sewage treatment, condensor water and chilled water systems.

Over the years, Roladuct’s spiral forming process has been refined to the highly sophisticated method which today produces pipes to the highest International and Australian standards.

Roladuct stainless steel products are manufactured to the requirements of AS 4041 under stringent in-house quality systems.



Straight Pipe - All our spiral welded stainless pipe is manufactured from high quality stainless steel coil conforming to the requirements of ASTM A240; Diameters range from 76mm to 1500mm, wall thickness from 1.2mm to 5mm thickness.

Fittings - All fittings are manufactured to the dimensions as detailed in ASME B16.9 .Wall thickness to suit pipe straights. All bends are manufactured as pressed up to 350mm dia and supplied as lobster backs 406mm dia and above.

Flanges - Roladuct standard flanges comprise of a 316 stainless steel face ring and a galvanised AS2129 Table D thickness backing flange drilled to D,E or ANSI 150 specification which are rated to a max 700Kpa WP. For higher pressures or if requested, we also offer full thickness flanges in either stainless steel weld on or galvanised backing flange.


All pipes are welded to the requirements set out in AS4041 using an inert gas shielded arc welded process covering both the front and back of the weld - resulting in weld joints with smooth contours and smooth weld bead profiles;


All pipes are fully immersed acid pickled and passivated in accordance with ASTM A380.


Great Strength - Spiral weld pipe offers the greatest strength in proportion to wall thickness when compared to conventional welded pipe and produces an extremely reliable weld which is significantly less affected by circumferential hoop stress than a longitudinally weld.

Ease of Installation - Due to its high strength, lighter wall pipes can be easily handled and installed up to 10 metre lengths;

Accuracy of Manufacture - By the nature of the manufacturing process, spiral pipe is exceptionally straight and circular.