The Roladuct method of manufacture of tube, pipe is from a continuous spiral production process of weld and roll form (lockseam) tubular section in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Spiral weld tube and pipe is usually manufactured for high pressure and structural applications in a diameter range up to 1524mm. Roll formed (lockseam) tube and pipe is manufactured for low pressure ducting and structural applications in a diameter range up to 3000mm.

A comprehensive range of bends, tees and reducers in welded and lockseam are fabricated in Roladuct’s engineering work shops to complement the tubular systems as well as customer specials such as spool pieces, stiffening rings but there is no limit to the range and type of fitting that can be made.

Roladuct Tube & Piping Systems are highly flexible in design is very versatile in application and therefore it is often the case that the tube or pipe system is manufactured to meet a customer’s specific need. Roladuct provides customers with engineering assistance during tube and pipe process evaluation and design as well as an onsite fabrication and pipeline installation service.

Roladuct Spiral Tubing manufacture all Duraduct products.