Quality, environmental and health & safety standards.

Tube, pipe & fittings manufacturing and distribution systems and procedures operated by the Roladuct Group of companies work to quality, environmental and health & safety standards.

They are:

  • AS 4254
  • AS 4041 class 3
  • AS 1761
  • ASS/NZS 2041.4:2010

Roladuct has established a marketing and manufacturing program for Spiral Piping Systems which supports the product from engineering design, to manufacturing, installation and after sales service incorporating the systems and procedures of the above standards.

The standards incorporated into the Roladuct operations are in addition to and support the tried and proven years of experience of manufacturing and supplying tubular products to diverse markets in Australia, New Zealand and International.

Reputable suppliers are used to source steel and aluminium used in the manufacture of Spiral Piping Systems, as well as product stocked and distributed by Roladuct but not manufactured, all with full product traceability.