Advantages of Roladuct Spiral Tube & Pipe Systems

  • Roladuct specialises in spiral tube & pipe systems and knows from many years of experience the product and process.
  • Spiral tube & pipe systems production is efficient and economical even for small production runs.
  • The spiral method of tube & pipe manufacture has the ability to produce large-OD product.
  • The systems are high strength, robust in transportation and storage and ease to install.
  • The product range of diameters and wall thickness available is vast.
  • Spiral tube & pipe can be manufacture in customer specific lengths. Standard is 6 metres for spiral welded tube and 3 metres for lock seam, but up to 12 metre lengths can be produced.
  • Spiral tube & piping system are manufactured entirely in Roladuct’s own production facilities.
  • Roladuct as the manufacturer sets the product standard through its Quality Control Systems to ensure high quality product.
  • Spiral tube & piping systems are highly flexible in design & easily manufactured to a customer’s specification & end use application.
  • Roladuct can provide an onsite manufacture service.
  • Roladuct supports its piping product from design through to installation.
  • Roladuct is an Australian owned and operated company and manufactures Spiral Tube, Pipe & Fittings in Australia.
  • The spiral tube & piping system can be manufactured with a variety of end profiles & customised length to suit application needs.
  • Spiral welded tubular manufacture from steel provides greater overall strength compared to longitudinal welded tubular of the same wall thickness.
  • Roladuct can fabricate spool sections in factory to save on instal costs.