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Air Conditioning

Chilled & Condensor Water Piping

Water & Sewerage Treatment

Void Formers

Boiler Flues

Tunnel Ventilation

Culvert Pipe

Column Formers / Case Liners

Dust Collection / Pneumatic Conveying

Gas Cowls

Round Ducting

Oval Ducting

Round Spiral Welded


water and sweerage treatment

Stainless Steel S.W.P.
The cost effective alternative to 
DICL, MSCL or Line Pipe


  Suitable for -

  • Return activated sludge lines

  • Primary effluent feeder pipe

  • Process air lines

  • Waste activated sludge lines

  • Filtration pipework

  • Odour/foul air


Water/Sewerage Treatment

Water/Sewerage Treatment


Roladuct is now the supplier of Duraduct.

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